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There is no other first-hand evidence to give us certainty about the nature of this says....

What's wrong with the GREEK "conquer the laity" teaching????

You don't think erudite intellectuals make merchandise out of peopl, like Glenn Beck and Alex Jones are doing now?

They have CREDIBILITY because of the exterior appearance by way of displaying unto us their EXPENSIVE media empires and material possessions of todays technology; they dazzle us with fair speeches and high-minded knowledge that they have "studied for YEARS" so much so that
the layman can only praise them, nod their head in agreement, get behind them, promote their "church", and sit at their feet....never challenging them because we are poor and under-educated.

I'll fight back against this rip, that I do "fact checking" before I promote this pastor's teaching on this issue, because we see the SAME pattern today in academia, theological circles, denominational church hierarchies, and NOW the liberty movement media empires dividing us and competing for our dollars!!

The little man, the INDIVIDUAL, is what has to rise up against deception that comes in all forms..and Satan's number one sucker method is the COUNTERFEIT church, with his angels of light and ministers of righteousness selling heresy by sticking a little leaven in.