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I am working to avoid being jealous of people who have this power to know something that I can seem to know.

I am working on a Power Viewpoint because it works for me.

I can see those English Definitions of words and they appear to be false words to me.

I can be a Soul.

That is part of my understanding of life as it exists on Earth.

A Soul is a form of power, and it exists, and where it exists is not within my power to know, and I've tried to find it, to measure it, to know it, but it is not within my power to know it, all I can do, it seems, to me, so far, is to be it.

I can be a soul.

Here I am.

Then, to me, I have this life going on too.


A living form

This can become a very long effort on my part to offer to you my viewpoint in competition with yours, but I am going to cut this short at this point.

I am jealous, which is a sin, if I understand sin, but none-the-less, I am jealous of your POWER to know this thing you call belief. I don't accept the English definitions of the word belief, because to me, it does not compute.

To me the English definitions of the word belief are false, and that may be another avenue of discussion.

I just want to report to you of this POWER that is taking over me, this jealousy thing, whatever that is, it is real to me.