Comment: Many 'good' ideas here. Not many great ones, IMHO.

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Many 'good' ideas here. Not many great ones, IMHO.

The reason is practicality. End the Fed is the sole effort of many different groups and yet it lags endlessly because it has little mainstream popular support. What's the proposal for getting enough people to wake up and do any of these things? I don't see any.

For every person we wake up, the pravda suckers a couple back in. Unless we can get full comprehension and full libertarian/free market/constitutional awareness so people begin to make the right choices on their own, they are still going to be vulnerable.

However, there are ways to get them to do something without fighting the public propaganda war out in the open. We offer better alternatives. It's that simple.

Here's a couple on the OPs list with a minor change that makes it much more practical.

1. Turn off TV? Why not create a viral boycott web site where people use a social network style tool to keep the worst company in a perpetual state of boycott? e.g. people vote on their choices regularly and after some Piers Morgan crap airs, they suddenly switch to the sponsors of his show. That switch alone makes news and the company pulls its ads. Boom, problem dramatically affected, possibly within hours. Of course this would only work if it had proven that some company sustained in the top position was actually put out of business. (Let's start with Monsanto. Shall we?)

2. Cancel Facebook? Use FB to promote stuff on Diaspora. That's the truly free market FB where you own your own data. Use Diaspora to promote all the best viral videos, sites and news, etc. Repeatedly show examples of FB giving out too much info.

3. Pulled their children out of public school? Well, yes but how? Too many places don't have any local alternative and not enough people are comfy with the home schooling options yet. We need to showcase case studies and example kids on the various non-public school system. There are half a dozen 'traditionalized' home school curricula, there's a Khan Academy lecture component (that's awesome in math and growing rapidly in other subjects), there's unschooling and more. Find a way to get people away from the false premises involved here and in touch with the truth.

4. Don't show up for bureaucratic jobs? So, how do they pay bills when unemployment doesn't pay for quitting a job? This is impractical but we do need to foster more private income so people will have a better alternative. Consider that crowdfunded startups DON'T pay 40-60% of their lifetime profit to loan sharks, vulture capitalists or bank expenses and as such, they don't have near the regulatory requirements. ;)

5. Stop buying Chinese food/products? Why? They need to live in this world too. This is not a war between our people and theirs. It's a war between ALL people and the banks. By creating truly free trade with more market driven equality, the poorest countries will rise in prosperity to equal the richest and TPTB will lose their wealth and power.

6. Stop buying GMOs? That would be nice but try to find enough people that even know about it now? Why don't they? Because their friends that do know about it are paying double for organic at some name brand organic store and they couldn't convince them it was worth it. Let's provide proof that it is cheaper to grow locally (and more healthy) to those on the fence. Then the movement will spread 'organically' (pun intended).

7. Cancel health insurance? With nothing different, that's suicide in many ways. However, if around 5 million people 'knew' that all insurance was a 12:1 scam and that roughly $30k (lifetime) or $30/mo (for life) would pay for the same benefit, it would be easy to gather that many people into a pool. If that pool somehow gave people the opportunity to receive cash and pay the bill themselves (and not getting the doctor involved or even aware of insurance), they could negotiate the bills much lower. (I've seen people pay as little as 30% in cash numerous times.) Combine this with all insurance and it gets better!

8. Stop worshipping the military? Not sure of a great 'free market' solution here but if we kept our money local and didn't need such handouts (at all levels from individual to national) we wouldn't care if other countries transacted in gold. (IMHO the main reason we got to war. Oil at #2 could be eliminated with sound renewables mix.)

9. Starve the banker via no mortgage, etc.? I agree completely but impractical until an alternative is offered. We could use all the new crowdfunding sites to morph them into mortgage lenders (private ones at fixed interest). People could get better rates while investors get better rates too (because the middlemen are removed). This works best for business loans.

10. Cut back on expenses to cut tax revenue? Can't simply stop buying what you need unless you no longer need it. If we stopped buying oil because we made our own energy, we could keep $700B/yr in the hands OF THE PEOPLE. If we stopped borrowing money from banks or investing in the stock market (which sends much of that to the banks) or buying insurance (because we pooled it) then not only would we be paying less taxes but we would be able to buy 2-5 times as much stuff for the hours we do work.

11. Boycott voting? How about we focus attention on the FEC (Federal Election Commission) and force them to accurate count the votes? I proposed a way a few months back on how easy it would to implement a system of 100% accountability. It wouldn't prove what the vote was but it would instantly show where and how many incorrect votes occurred. Powered by the people, the free market and simple curiosity. Cost, maybe $20M total.

As many have noted, we don't need 100% participation in any idea. What we need is to surpass "the tipping point". That is usually 20% but in cases where the public is actively SEEING their action cause results, this more than cuts that in half. Things were people feel empowered spread much faster.

So, how many of these type of things can we get 6-8% of the population to do?