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"How many anarchists have you met that stated destruction as their goal?"

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. You by definition want to destroy government. You are anti-government and want to get rid of my country. You're all self described anti-government stooges polluting the liberty movement attempting to destroy, and I say Americans serve justice on all of you. You wanted to destroy, now you get destroyed.

"is the Mises institute evil as well?"

Lew Rockwell Founder and chairman of the Mises institute: "It would be a great thing to break up the US."

Just what is their agenda? What is Lew Rockwell's agenda? HE can go die along with all the rest of you who want to break up my country. He is the chairman and Chief Stooge who's by definition an enemy of my country attempting to destroy it, trying to break it up, so yes the Mises institute also has some justice coming it's way along with all of the Anarchists eating boogers out an Murray Rothbard's Anarchist nose.

Screw Lew Rockwell. He's a piece of Anarchist trash who defines himself as an enemy of my country.

"Ron Paul listens and supports anarchists. Funny, huh?"

Ron Paul isn't an Anarchist, and I don't give a damn who he supports. Get that through your thick melon head. HE knows it. He knew Libertarians didn't give a damn whether he supported Mitt Romney or Gary Johnson.

We DON'T care who Ron Paul supports, and clearly it was a bad idea to ever support an Anarchist because now the Liberty movement is infected with anti-American garbage who wants to destroy my country, so I say destroy THEM. It's a justice thing.

"I have a sneaking suspicion that you aren't really well acquainted with what exactly anarcho-capitalism really is."

Anarchists are nihilists and by definition what you think and say just DOESN'T MATTER, because what you think is never based on any form of objective truth. Your words and opinions are by your own definition TRASH and not worth listening to.