Comment: I forget to mention this to Libertarian Party loyals

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I forget to mention this to Libertarian Party loyals

Even if we have differences on where to take the starting point, whether that should be in LP or the GOP--it's really no argument there either, because a successful campaign by Rand Paul in GOP is going to confirm the question "Is the country becoming more libertarian" and that is going to give competitiveness to the Libertarian Party as well, exactly like how Ron Paul's run in the GOP brought attention to not just himself but also wide variety of characters in LP, John Stossel, Penn Jillette, and others. Expand this finite pie rather than fight over it.

If Rand's administration is ever under pressure to compromise, LP can provide competition as well under an environment now giving more acceptance to Libertarians. If people try to bring down Rand because they see it as helping Johnson's future career, they are making a mistake.

Serving as a competitive, dissenting party to GOP under a friendly environment for LP's views is going to be much better for the long term future of Libertarian Party, while LP can continue to gain protest vote while holding Rand's feet to the fire. This is much better than trying to bring down a realistic chance to a first measurable success the benefits all parties involved.