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"You believe that war is just when an American flag is present on the battlefield. I do not."

I was, and am, anarchistic in thinking and in actions, but call me a name that does not fit me, and I'll defend myself against such attacks.

There are now flags on the battlefield between free people and those who effectively enslave free people. Flags that have yellow (gold?) frills around the boarder of those flags are present in many (if not all) "government" buildings.

"You believe that war is just when an American flag is present on the battlefield. I do not."

If someone believes "that war" is this or that, then that person can confess, defend their viewpoint, or merely employ their viewpoint as they see fit. I think the sentence can be understood from a reasonable point of view, but my response to the sentence intends to clarify the actual reality that exists right here in America.

Flags are present. It is war. The criminals have taken over government, and those criminals mark their territory with those yellow frills. It may be a good idea to understand the reality we find ourselves in sooner rather than too late.

"You say that taxation is the price we pay for civilization. I disagree."

The War that is being waged effectively by the criminals who have taken over government use words like TAX to mean only one thing, not two things, and their version of the ONLY meaning of the word is a synonym for CRIME.


Who says so?

I don't.

Tax can be strictly voluntary, and it is that competitive meaning of the word that is the opposite meaning when comparing that meaning with the official lies that are invented by, produced by, and maintained by those criminals who have taken over government.

"You say that taxation is the price we pay for civilization. I disagree."

I say no such thing. A tax can be strictly voluntary and everyone is taxed in one way or another, we are all taxed whenever the things we intend to do are not the things we want to do, but the things we must do, even when those things are taxing us, as work is chosen over play, because food does not fall into our mouths. Work is taxing.

If the sentence intends to point out how CRIME is destructive, and not necessary, then I can agree with the sentence, otherwise the sentence, in my opinion, borrows from, or parrots, the official lies invented by the criminals who have taken over government, as they claim that a TAX is "necessary without question" and what they mean to do is to take what they want from the targets they find that have anything worth taking, which is called CRIME if English means anything.

"You claim that men with guns and badges have a higher claim on my life and property because they were elected, or appointed, to a position of power. I am offended."

I don't know who makes such claims, and if they do they can defend such claims, but the criminals who have taken over government do so by way of deceit, threats of violence, and violence, and so that is CRIME, by any other name it is still CRIME, even if they say it is not CRIME if they do it.

I may also be offended, but I am being warned, as the criminals let me know that they are criminals, and therefore I know what they intend to do: perpetrate crime. They say they have authority, they don't, they have deceit, they have threats of violence, and they have violence. They have those powers that are criminal powers as those powers they have, are powers they use on their innocent targets who happen to be the people who actually make things worth stealing.

"You think that an organization who has the final say in any disagreement, even involving itself; a monopoly on aggressive force; the sole power to declare legal tender; and the ability to fund itself through involuntary means isn't going to abuse this power? I know better."

Someone who thinks that organizations can say something are either deceived or are diverting attention willfully away from the actual people who are saying things. A monopoly on CRIME aught to be called CRIME since calling CRIME anything other than CRIME helps the criminals cover up their CRIME neatly - no thanks - I'll call it CRIME when it is measurably CRIME: beyond a reasonable doubt.

Do criminals abuse POWER? Is that a trick question?

Do legal criminals abuse POWER? Same question, and it is only "tricky" when criminals take over government.

"I know better."

I'm not so sure.

"Yet somehow, I am the idealist?"

I don't think so, I just think you are working toward solutions to the CRIME problem, and finding trouble along the way.