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Fortunately Griffin doesn't reduce "the dynamics into 'the power of 5-6 megabanks' or '20 rich families. is bogus." Stop putting bogus words in his mouth and conflating him with Alex Jones. Griffin has written extensively on the power structure and how it operates, including The Creature From Jekyll Island, which is like 600+ pages and endorsed by Ron Paul.

You say, "Today, as Ludwig von Mises and others pointed out, it is regular intellectuals (starting from school teachers to astronomers) who long for collectivism."

Besides the fact that it seems like you're just name dropping Mises for credibility, Griffin, in the very video in the OP of this thread, explains how powerful, wealthy collectivists take control of the "power centers" of society and thereby lead the masses (teachers, astromers, etc). From the Future is Calling:

The primary method of conquest is to infiltrate and capture control of the power centers of society. (Power centers are those organizations and institutions that wield influence over political action and public opinion.) Once the power centers are
controlled, the nation will follow. People be lieve that organizations respond to the will of their membership, not realizing that they respond, instead, to the will of their leadership

He also frequently talks of "pressure from above and below". He constantly explains that the name of the game is getting average people to demand collectivism (i.e. totalitarianism or their own enslavement). You either have not studied his work or you're just being pugnacious.