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Comment: Agree but never underestimate

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Agree but never underestimate

I agree with you and think that would be a great plan to implement.

My only comment is that we should never underestimate the state's ability to not let semantics get in the way of inflating a currency. This is just a comment on labeling each coin as the weight it is. I agree with this but I just want to point out that the UK uses the "pound sterling" as the name of it's fiat currency because it was once worth a pound of silver. Similarly the Dollar was reference to a standard weight of silver (German taler) known at the time. But this didn't stop either of them from transitioning away from the standard weight and measure they originated as.

So not trying to rag on your idea, just wanted to point out that even if are able to implement your plan we label them as their weight, don't be surprised to find yourself rolling in your grave as your great-great-grandchildren use fiat paper called United States Ounces as a reserve currency.