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Comment: *sigh*

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You just don't know when to stop, do you?

Anarchists are all about blanket statements; "statists, retards, sheep"

False. *You* seem to be all about blanketed statements, though.

I've been reading the debates between yourself, Haysoose, and several other posters, and the vast majority of the personal attacks have come from the two of you. I can cite numerous example if you'd like...though you'd very likely just ignore them.

All you're doing is trying to justify your blanketed statements with lies. Any hostility you may have endured thus far you have brought on yourself as far as I'm concerned. Treat others how you want to be treated.

Also, I don't recall ever identifying myself as an Anarchist, so you're lying again. I have defended it though, just as I would defend any other position that I feel contains at least some validity.

"Remember calling Libertarians Statists?"

No, I don't remember calling libertarians statists...probably because I haven't! Why do you continuously feel the need to lie? I referred to *you* as "statismsreigning", but fortunately you do not represent all "libertarians" (which is more of an umbrella term, IMO).

stop calling yourself an Anarchist.

Refer two paragraphs up.

Time and again, I have attempted to be civil with you and all you have managed to do is lie and insult. Typical behavior of the intellectually bankrupt.

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