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You miss my entire point

I understand standing up for ones self but you miss what I was saying.

There is no reason we have to wake everyone up. We just have to solve the problems.

What problem(S)? IMHO, banks causing money scarcity across the board (from the individual to nations) have turned everyone into prostitutes for money. On every level, people are willing to trade 'some' morals or ethical judgement for some form of financial gain. Why?

Because long ago, the banks tied financial wealth to the social ladder. More money in any industry equals more social standing. But this can change and quickly too.

All we have to do is bankrupt the banks. However, boycotting the banks is not practical (ref my list) without offering an alternative for people to survive financially. If that's a given, then follow along...

If we CAN offer an alternative which stops people from paying the banks (via directly or any indirect method) and that alternative is financially beneficial to those people, then why do we even have to wake them up to the whole scheme going on? If they switch for the sole reason of personal gain and that fixes the problem, why fight the decades-long battle of propaganda at all?

Just implement the alternatives in the first place and let the banks fail from that. Wealth will trickle down the ladder in proportion to genuine social benefit and power will follow.

When the banks were in (publicly) dire straights, I often heard that it would only take 3-4% sustained boycott to completely kill them off.