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No.. I published a magazine called MAGN (pronounced Madge-In, Mississippi Arts Gulfcoast News) just before the housing collapse. That was the photo I used for the first cover. It was meant to be a magazine covering the arts, internet, politics and businesses of the coast. I had a great crew of people and it was a hit with those around the coast.

Had the economy not collapsed I probably would still be publishing the zine. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. I lost over $10k on that venture. I paid for the second printing and the following day the markets collapsed. I couldnt get ONE advertiser on board. It was such a cool concept.

Im a guy. Tattoo artist. Promoter. Smart Ass.. Gypsy.

My tirade on AJ is just because of all the crap Ive taken over him. Truthers would disrupt my meetup group or scare the older people. When he goes on national TV acting that way he hurts our movement. The left had a field day with him. In return, when you see the comments from the left we are all grouped with him. I was also worried that those folks would take over here like they did RPF. I understand that there are conspiracy folks and they are going to believe whatever they want. I want us to win elections. Attaching ourselves to 'theories' that seem outlandish to the average person is not a path to victory.

I come here, VICE and Drudge everyday. I could never leave the DP. This place is awesome.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul