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Screw you and your chill pill phony.

You're lying two faced Anarchist who thinks he's "already living in Anarchy".

"I have only ONE question to those who believe in the "authority of the state"."

By the consent of the people and you've been overruled Anarchist. They want government, and your Anarchist utopia is WHY they want it. They can "think" just fine for themselves and know what kind of people they're surrounded by. They know Anarchism better than you because they aren't naive to the evil inside themselves or the people around them.

I know it sucks, the people no longer want liberty, but instead want slaves plunder and dominion, so that's what the people give their consent to pursue. That's what they unjustly want from their Constitutional Republic, and that's what they'll unjustly want from your Anarchist system. They are covetous people who prey on each other through violence.

At least with government, our elected representatives need to make that case in public, in the light of day, and I love watching looters trying to pretend they're serving justice. Notice how hard it's getting for them? They need to defend their action because without the consent of the people, they lose support and the only authority they have left is a gun. (enter the gun grabber) They can't get anything done, which is what you're now seeing, the collapse of consent.

In Anarchism, there will be no debate, and no need for consent, because you want a free market of violence with those who can buy the most muscle lording over the people serving their self interest.

YOU ARE A LIAR who wants a warlord economy, a free market of violence serving the principle of self interest, so don't try and tell people to "take a chill pill". I say it's time for people to get pissed and deal with you phonies and destroyers once and for all.