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Many liberals followed ron paul simply because of his foreign policy.
They ignored his TRUE conservative credentials.
Ron is not a greenie. He is not a lib. He is not prochoice.
He is all for big corporations who seek to do business the right way and the honest way because he knows we need these corporations to bring wealth to our country and keep us powerful.
He does not like big gvt, he does not want a federal abortion law and he lets his followers do most of his campaign work because he feels if we want him, we should know what to do.

Many liberals and libertarians can not get with some or all of those programs.
Rand Paul is NO DIFFERENT then his father. He speaks the same tongue but in a different way. Rand WILL NOT cater to libs- like his father did (who was from a different generation)
The ones you see bashing Rand were NEVER conservative, do not understand conservatism and do not understand the constitution the way a conservative does.
That is why many here could never bring themselves to pull the lever for a republican, because they are full fledged liberal democrats at heart- and were confused by ron paul and in truth hate everything conservative or republican.
Ron Paul is a MLK republican.
Libs can/do not get this.
That is the distraction and nothing more.
Many here will never vote for a conservative constitutional republican(which BOTH Drs Paul claim) and never will.
Neither is libertarian.
They do not describe themselves this way and never have.
Journalists do, and the Pauls never correct them.
but both pauls have described themselves as constitutional conservative republicans and always will- whether the libs/libertarians agree with it and like it, or not.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016