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Finding that line in the sand.

"We all deserve to die this very moment."

To me this is the bearing of fruit as can be the goal when employing the process of discussion. It is an idea, or a thought, or a belief, or a viewpoint, or a perspective, no matter who, or where, or how, that perspective becomes a perspective, existing, there is a perspective existing, and then, next to that perspective is another perspective, and one perspective can be compared to another.

I can't say, ever, that I have ever felt a feeling whereby my feelings, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, viewpoint, or perspective could, conceivably, be expressed with that sentence in English.

"We all deserve to die this very moment."

If I let this Jesus concept, or belief, or idea, or perspective, or realization, or gift, or truth, or love, or whatever it is inside me, and I then think a thought that can be expressed with those words in English, then my opinion is that my life will be ruined.

No only do I not think that thought, my thoughts are diametrically opposite of that thought, as my thinking is such that many human beings deserve to stay alive this very moment, and many more souls deserve their chance in the Sun, so that they too can see if their gift is utilized better than anyone else can, in their shoes.

If I ever get that thought in my head, to me, I will treat it as my enemy.

As to your assumptions concerning what I might be thinking or what I might say, in this discussion, I can't agree with your version.

I can certainly sympathize with anyone having a rough time in the effort to make the best of what can be a very difficult set of problems.

"We have all sinned and have all fallen short of the glory of God."

That, to me, is not well supported in fact. Babies are murdered, and they have no time to sin. I suppose that someone who knows the absolute truth, or some thing that knows everything absolutely, can explain why your viewpoint is true as your viewpoint is expressed above, including how these babies have sinned, but I can't see such things ever being proven; hence my viewpoint being what it is, and not what you may think my viewpoint is in fact.

"It is mercy that we are still here."

At the risk of increasing, rather than decreasing, the confusion, or the distance between our viewpoints, I have to ask what is the meaning of the word mercy. If the meaning of the word mercy is anything like the official definition of the meaning of the word belief, then my Power perspective will be applied to that definition as well.

Belief = the power to know something that is not supportable in fact

Mercy = the power to avoid injuring the innocent

If someone is poised to injure the innocent, and the innocent asks for mercy, it seems to me, the criminal will be more likely, not less likely, to go ahead and injure the innocent.

That is how I employ the meaning of the word mercy.

"It is mercy that we are still here."

Many of us are not still here, in particular babies, as those babies were murdered, so they are not here, and they got no mercy.

"The people in that city worshipped a devil: Molech. God gave a direct command. Joshua obeyed. Thus people call the God of the Old Testament a Blood Thirsty God. I had never seen those words until being a part of the Daily Paul."

My guess, trying to bridge the gap, is that God told someone to kill the bad guys, but avoid murdering anyone innocent, and somewhere along the lines the message was misunderstood.

That is as far as I get in this belief of the rightness of murdering babies.

"Thus people call the God of the Old Testament a Blood Thirsty God."

Often is the case, and this has nothing to do with me, or my opinion, this is well established fact, where often is the case that a message is deliberately falsified so as to cover up someone who murders innocent people, including babies.

Blame it on God?

Why does that not sound familiar?

"I want to listen to you. Have you told all of this to Jesus. These words you say to me. Can you say them to him?"

God, Jesus, Dad, Mom, Hank, Aunt Mary, the list is long, and they are all asked these questions, please, please, please, help me with the answers.

I do not want to do the right thing because I want eternal life myself, I want to do the right thing because I think human beings can exist in human form for well past the time when The Earth exists, if we human beings stop blaming THINGS for the things human beings do, and if we hold each other accountable, instead of paying the worst of our number the most POWER that can be produced, we might live past next Tuesday, as a species.

Sure, I get it, I'm stupid, and by far too stupid to know right from wrong; that is why I keep asking.

The answers I think I get do not support thoughts like this:

"We all deserve to die this very moment."

If I am wrong, so be it, push the button.

Take care, please.