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For me

It is a place to learn, to hear, and to be heard. I find the people here approachable and a delight to talk to. It is a place where Friends of Liberty become Friends in Liberty.

I cant tell you how excited I was one time when something I posted ended up on the front page!!! Wow, that was cool! I woke my husband up at 1AM telling him all about it! lol :)

The other thing I appreciate is the ability to carry on discussions with people here without being censored. Sometimes I wonder, why does Michael let this that and the other go on, and then I realize, because he is not the policeman of the Daily Paul. It seems if I can say it right, he lives and lets live even if it is not the way he wants to live. I think that sets an example for all of us.

The only thing that grieves me from time to time is when people seem to damage people. I think there is a difference between attacking a message and attacking a person. There is a difference between vetting an idea and crushing a person.

Spoken to Christians, but good adivce for all:

1 Peter 4:8 KJV
And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.

My goodness, there is enough bashing going on in the world, why would liberty lovers want to bash each other?

Why do I like the Daily Paul, because ya'll put up with me, even when I start preaching lol :)