Comment: God is the beginning and end

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God is the beginning and end

God is the beginning and end of all things.

If we have any reason for doing any thing, God is that first cause, first reason.

If there is any end result, or final conclusion to our life and its purpose and meaning, that is God.

God is what is over the horizon. Not that which we discover tomorrow, or having crossed over a hill, but He is always just over the horizon. He IS what is over the horizon.

That might not seem real, but its effects on our lives are very real. Everything we do or plan for is imaginary. We have deductive reasoning, reasonable expectations, probability. Nevertheless, humankind is defined by possessing a sense of what isn't but might be.

If 'what isn't but might be' is thus sacred, then God is that which is Divine. He is the ultimate, and highest, what isn't but might be.

Anything with life and a mind, knows God. Although, you might not know that you know God.

Some people like to think of God as having a certain personality, or responding specifically to prayer or certain prayers. Maybe so! Maybe not!

But God, whatever His form or essence, is as real as life.

God is what you are accountable to. You are accountable to your future. And eternal life beyond the mortal world is a real to you today as next Thursday. Think about it.