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1+1=2 Passionate


Passionate pro-christian statments claiming that the Liberty movement is all because of them, in a movement peopled by just as many passionate athiests is a recipe for infighting.

Hense: Posting a topic like this on a liberty forum is divisive.

You are free to post as you like, just expect a lot of angry posts and butthurt people. It seems somewhat less productive than threads concerned strategies for taking back our country.

A better title may have been: "I believe the strength of the Liberty movement for many people is in Christ."

That statement is an objective fact and there is no reason to debait it. That sets the stage for all of the christians on here to come post god-is-great-feel-good comments without raising the hackles of all of us athiests who don't appreciate having your god thrust on us... or taking credit for our work.

Just imagine if I posted a topic like this: "I believe the strength of the Liberty movement is in the knoweldge that there is no god."

divisive much?