Comment: I used to like JV

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I used to like JV

before he started to smear other people's work and character, such as David Icke's.

Now all I think of him is that he is closed minded and arrogant.

The man doesn't even realize Mossad and Zionist extremists were integral in orchestrating 9/11. He just thinks "it was the government that did it all", which is not accurate; as only the upper most few people in the bush administration (the neo-con zionist ass lickers) and top people in national security branches knew about the operation. Besides these few and the cooperation between them, it was the Zionist extremists who were behind it to further the world toward collectivist totalitarianism complete with a Rothschild global fiat currency.

Obviously Ventura is either ignorant as a rock or acting as a gate keeper for the NWO so as to not let the real truth come to surface.