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I am a former Christian. I

I am a former Christian. I spent the first half of my life compiling all the "facts" for why god is real. So yes, you are very much wrong.

Im watching the video now. Ill let you know what I think.

update: Ha! Did you even watch this? Do you not know that this video is saying almost 180' opposite of what you want it to say?

So... A 30 minute video explaining that humans require science (the product of human reason) to navigate when they don't have use of all of their senses. And that we should "trust" in the product of our reason (instruments) because we become disoriented if we are blinded while flying a plane.

Somehow, this is an argument that god is real? That blind-faith is neccessary? The core argument at the end is that since people have "faith" in their instruments, faith must be a gift from god. Are you freaking kidding me!? This is what passes as evidence for you? Wow.

The reason I "trust" the instruments in my car, is because I use them every day and have never found them to be wrong. This did not come to me automatically. I had to "learn" to drive. This training helped me learn to use and trust in my guages and controls. There is no faith involved. Infact, at times I question the validity of my instruments because they seem to be acting abnormally according to my past experiance and knowledge. If this happens, I take them apart to see if something is wrong. Trust is earned through experiancing safe, dependable use over time. Faith is believing in things you are provided no reason to believe in, just because you feel you should. Thats why we call it peasant control.

You'll notice all the pilots have to "train" for hours and hours in order to begin to "trust" their instruments. If they don't they often revert back to their reactionary impulses and crash when flying into a cloud. This trust is earned through hours of repetitive use of the instruments which build a bedrock trust that they are functioning properly and can be relied upon. This isn't faith, blindly given to something you have never seen or met before. It is the product of human reason and ability to adapt to a world integrated with technology which we have developed.

The other video you posted was 2:30 long. Seriously? The half hour one you posted completely blew up in your face and made my argument for me; are you sure you want me to take apart the 2 1/2 hour marathon you posted alongside it? I really do have better things to do. Besides, if you consider the 1/2 hour one to be the rock solid evidence for god that was going to make a believer out of me... than I can only imagine what else passes for evidence for you.

Still I feel obligated to watch it so you can't complain that I won't "look at the *cough*evidence*cough*. But I feel you owe me one. Im going to dig up 3 hours worth of arguments against god and ask you to watch them some time.