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1. A viewpoint

2. Another viewpoint

One is not the other one. What are the differences?

What are the similarities?

God ends the lives of babies to accomplish a goal (not murder)

The Power of creation does not end the lives of babies to accomplish a goal, the opposite is what the Power of creation does (not murder)

If your belief in what has happened in history is expressible with English words, then you can expresses what has happened in history with English words.

I'm not ready to believe that God (the power of creation, or the source of all truth, or just truth) is well represented in those English words you keep quoting. I think that there has been some adjusting done as the message is handled by the handlers.

I can be wrong. I've been wrong, and that is fine by me.

Meanwhile there is this matter of power flowing from those who create that power to those who then use that power to gain all the power for their own exclusive abuse, and currently that power is denominated in Federal Reserve Notes.

This is an interesting topic, and a good way to compare notes, and a good way to improve the capacity (power) to communicate accurately, and a good way to increase the capacity (power) to know better compared to knowing worse as to which things are to be done one way or the other.

If there are words in English worth reading, to me, your own words are better, since you are the source of those words, and I don't have to deal with any other handlers of words in the effort to find out your unique viewpoint.

Knowing your unique viewpoint is worth the effort so far, but I have a lot of trouble having to deal with other viewpoints as other viewpoints don't respond to my unique viewpoint at all.