Comment: Even Dr. Paul makes mistakes

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Even Dr. Paul makes mistakes


For starters, let's not presume that Ron Paul is perfect. Just about anyone capable of critical thought can find a laundry list of things that are not perfect about him. He's made less-than-perfect decisions, and his continued willingness to associate with Alex Jones falls into that category. Part of what is both exciting about Dr. Paul and problematic from an image standpoint is his openness in this regard. It's great that he's not an elitist who thumbs his nose at an interview in a college student's dorm room (2007), but he gets himself into some trouble (whether that trouble is fair or not is a separate issue) when he won't reject donations from known white supremacists or when his trust in aides leads to offensive newsletters going out in his name.

You are free to spin this into "if Dr. Paul will talk to him, he's OK" or "if Dr. Paul will talk to him, you're anti-Paul if you critique him." Both of those statements would be fallacious and attribute to a "non-Jonesian" motives which are just not there.

And, Michael, none of us are "all knowing an wise" in the snarky way you put forward. I'm not perfect. You're not perfect.

Still, we all engage in armchair quarterbacking. You do it every day. The fact that I publicly call for people like the Jonesians to keep their conspiratorial views separate from the Liberty movement (you know, the same "Liberty movement" for which you argued "remains an important online center" of, YESTERDAY!). If my positions are so offensive to you that you question my loyalty and think I should be silenced, go ahead. You've made it quite clear that this site is your property, and not an open forum.

I have no interest in disrespecting you (because I feel your efforts deserve respect, and I feel uncivil, Alex Jones-style dialog accomplishes nothing). But I also have no interest in parroting your opinions. I speak the truth as I see it. On occasion, my perspective differs from yours.