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About the "White Supremacist"

Ever bothered to learn who he is and what he has to say? He is a good man. Sorry you let the media convince you otherwise.
And as for your thoughts that AJ's uncivil ways are detrimental... I would have agreed with you last week. But it worked, so why don't you sit down here next to me and we will just take our lumps together? Dr. Paul makes mistakes, so do you and I. I still don't like to listen to AJ, he just grates on me. But he is shakin' up the sheep, so God bless him.
One last point... "conspiracy theories." In 2007, I desperately tried to educate people about agenda 21. Not only in the street, HERE. I was given a LOT of crap for it, and yet I persisted. Guess what is on the lips of the little old ladies of the GOP all over this country now? Agenda 21. The entire premise of liberty rests upon liberated minds. If a theory has no merit, this is the site where that will be exposed.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.