Comment: For the most part I agree

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For the most part I agree

However, a few thoughts come to mind.

Jesse did a show about "Shape Shifters" which makes his comments about making truth seekers look foolish somewhat disengious.

RP has said before that our government keeps so many important facts classifed or otherwise unavailable to the public that they invite conspiracy theories.

Also a quote:
“Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.” ~ Marshall McLuhan

With those thoughts in mind, like so many other things that happen a long way from where I live, I don't have enough evidence to enable me to form an opinion with any degree of confidence. Knowing that there is evidence in the form of surveillance camera recordings which could put all this to rest but was not released shortly after the event...bothers me. Just like the 84 other video recordings of whatever it was that hit the pentagon. There are no acceptable explainations I'm aware for those videos to be kept from public scrutiny.

I used to put my trust in others. Now, I don't trust anyone's judgement more than I trust my own.