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"We can't expect them to pull off ...elaborately planned hoaxes while at the same time leaving behind so many easy "smoking guns" for us to find."

that sounds to me like he just said, "there's a bunch of smoking guns saying this is a staged event but ignore it.. they wouldn't be so stupid." am i wrong in hearing that?

"Much like the Birther conspiracy, I am starting to think that a lot of the so called "evidence" of conspiracy coming out about Sandy Hook is designed and fabricated to make us "conspiracy theorists", us truth seekers, look foolish."

also, when was the 'birther' conspiracy debunked? if anyone has any links i would appreciate it because i thought there was a pretty good case between Orly Taitz, the CT ssn and the layered, photoshoped document they provided.

i got nothing against ventura. i agree with a lot of what he says. but this guys word just doesn't hold a lot of water for me.