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When it comes to conspiracy, I suggest you do what I did. Read the ENTIRE house and senate subcommittee hearing transcripts on Iran Contra affair along with all criminal case files and evidence used to convict the people who were later pardoned by Bush 1. Once you are freaked out by the all out criminal exposure of the key neocons involved then track back each one of the histories all the way through their family trees back at least 200 years and then look at every single company they own or have been/are involved with and who they were surrounded by in those companies. Then once you find out it leads to the Bush family and Carlyle group look at the founding members and the banks they own in China. Once you then realize that they are using drug money to build these corporate empires then take the UN estimated dollar amount for worldwide drug trade and stick that number into a money multiplier calculation and see how much loans these people can generate from the drug trade and you will realize it is more than the entire worldwide GDP.

By the way. Before you start your research learn of the official rules for federal investigation used by the FBI.Secret Service and all federal investigators and apply those techniques to everything you study. After you study all of this then you will be able to get started with seeing how to find the truth. Do you have the will to do this? If not then you will never get to the real truth. My father was a US federal investigator who taught me the federal investigative rules when I was a kid later after I studied all the above things and much much more I then began to warn my dad of the real scenario unfolding before us. At first he just said BS. By the end of his career after he finally investigated some of the issuesI presented to him he finally told me that I was right about everything. Now he thinks the US Constitution is dead and we are totally screwed. He will not even talk about these things AT ALL because he believes they will kill him. It is real. But don't take my word for it. You want real truth then dig in. See you in ten years after the entire house has burned to the ground and the camps have exterminated millions of people and America is nothing but a relic that has burned to the ground by the psychopaths who set up the great culling by making America the largest tyrannical force of murder and death in the world/

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...