Comment: This is the Essence of Liberty

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This is the Essence of Liberty

While talking to my 15 year old son about gun control, I felt the discussion was incomplete and wrote him a note.

Your post compelled to share it with you.

Hey Son,

When we were talking last night about gun control and you stated that both sides make good points and that made you undecided on your opinion. Then you said you were too wishy washy. I couldn’t relate to this because I pretty much know where I stand on an issue right away. But how do I know I am right? Well I don’t but I pretty much base everything on what I believe, how do I know what I believe is right? Well here’s why I believe what I believe and why I believe I am right.

Until you and your sisters came along I was responsible to two people, so to speak. One was God and two was to me. That’s why I am always honest because I can’t lie to either of us.

I believe there is a God, I believe he is a big enough God that he understands more than I could ever comprehend. But he made me. I am a Protestant by heritage and Baptist by choice. That means I believe that my only sin is that I was born broken, meaning that I am not worthy to be in God presence's and this makes me feel incomplete. But guess what, everyone is born broken and feels incomplete. Therefore I am no better then or worse than everyone else. But God knows I am broken so he sent his only (unbroken) son to die for the sin of being broken…..He sent a gift( and I say gift because it is only offered, I don’t have to accept it) To heal that brokenness. But like I said he is a big enough God that he could create other forms of “ His Gift”, other religions that I don’t understand……it’s my reasonability to accept this and be respectful of it. And that's the whole key..... to respect other's beliefs and be accepting of it. If anyone asks my opinion I feel free to give it with a firm belief that I am not trying to change their minds but they asked what I believe, I expect they want me to be honest.

So how does this translate to gun control?

I believe we have rights granted to us by God that are natural rights that belong just to me and I am insured of these rights by being a creation of God. But so is everyone one else, so my rights end where their rights began which insures equality.

What we give to the community is the ability, but not the right, to make laws that represent that each person rights are protected.

We did that by ratifying the Constitution but withheld certain rights to protect us from the community, to protect our individual rights. They did this for two reasons.

1. They had experience with turning over their rights to protect themselves before and found that they had no protection from the protectors.

2. They were not going to get the Constitution ratified unless the Constitution was amended to include these ten rights to protect the individual from the newly formed government.

So we as individuals collectively made an agreement that we shall never give them the right to takes our weapons.

So my beliefs begins with natural rights given by God and my rights end at where they infringe on anyone else. I allow the government to make laws that provide order and protect the rights of the individual but I reserve the right to protect my natural rights.

I hope this helps you to become more convicted in your opinions.

Love Dad