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Guilty as charged (somewhat)

I won't take the Obama comparison as much as I'll take the Ron Paul comparison when the Dr. refused to state who he would be voting for president. Bottom line being is WE need people to start waking up, and start asking questions without blindly accepting everything that's "force"-fed to them on a daily basis via msm/government.

As for not being able to argue emotions with fact - try telling that to suicide and hostage negotiators, or someone that has to come to terms with pulling the plug on a loved one's life. That rapport you're talking about leads to facts. Everyone is different and what works on some, may not work on others. The people I will be asking are not complete strangers(though the questions would not necessarily be lost on them), as I already know the people that I am "targeting"(lol-sorry couldn't help myself), and I understand that what will usually work on one friend won't necessarily work on another. However, the point is to have them start thinking for "themselves" and start researching more for "themselves" without the necessity of someone "forcing" them to - thus converting them into free & critical thinkers.

So that's my devious plan - BWAHAHAHAHA.....

So in your opinion, how am I being divisive?