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Personal posts are always "opinionated"

and should be accepted as should not have to preface it with "I believe". That's a given.
Agreed - one is free to post as they wish - and others are equally free to their response. One is also free to ignore the post entirely.

However, as I stated earlier - if one clicks on a post simply to attack or censor the poster, then they are an equal participator or instigator in the division. Limiting or restricting is the opposite of freedom.
If others want to argue/debate an issue - that is their business - they are all adults on the DP and can choose to which posts they respond and which they ignore. As long as posts abide by DP guidelines, it should be acceptable - if not, it will be removed by the mods. Some people actually enjoy the heated, passionate debates.

Many topics other than religion are also argumentative - Rand Paul, 9-11, Alex Jones, chemtrails,etc. It would be rather difficult to eliminate all topics which evoke disagreements - and boring to say the least. I have been around the DP for 5 years and I can assure you that there are many atheists who also like to play devil's advocate with their posts as well. I usually ignore the "hot topics" - you might try the same.