Comment: I'm somewhere between Deism and Christianity

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I'm somewhere between Deism and Christianity

Well, my beliefs are mostly Deist but here in the south saying your anything but Christian won't make you many friends. Especially in the GOP.

I say mostly Deist because most Deists' believe that God does not act in the world. I do. I don't think God controls everything, but I do think he intervenes often. I've had several instances in my life where I should have gotten in trouble but I didn't, and several other instances where I could have easily died but didn't. You know, car wrecks I shouldn't have avoided, getting out of underage drinking, things like that where I shouldn't have been so lucky.

It makes me think that I am where I am for a reason, and that things happen for a reason. This is why I do not necessarily subscribe to the watchmaker idea.

Thanks for the open mind, I love to talk about religion and learn what others believe. However I've always been told a gentleman doesn't discuss religion or politics(I must be an A-hole lol). I think discussion of real ideas about God are necessary to learn about God.

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