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"A Zionist is the one who

"A Zionist is the one who supports Israel as a Jewish state. Nothing more and nothing less."

Right, and they also support the slaughter, eviction, and genocide of millions of innocent Palestinians who are native to those lands. One must be downright ruthless to support people who inflict this savagery.

"If zionists controll the USA they would not make their controlled property weaker and their enemies stronger - like wasting US $Trillions on nations buildings of muslim countries."

You must believe that the nation building is for the benefit of the people of that country? I'm sorry if that's the is not a humanitarian effort on behalf of the USA. This is because, if you really look deeper like as I mentioned in a previous comment, bankers get richer loaning money and it is at the expense of the taxpayer when they print fresh bills. Take into account they "loan" to the US government practically every day. The USA may appear to be building some of these places up, but really, they have no money to even be doing it; US national debt is over 17 trillion. This is what what Ron Paul himself talked about: end the nation building and so-called "foreign-aid" because we're broke! Israel does not need our aid funding; they have one of the most advanced military's in the world! We include in the construction of these places where we are supposedly "building up" always at least one military base too.

"USA stopped Israel from bombing Iranian nuclear plant in 2009, imposed Bush's "Road Map" shackles, sold weapons to Jordan, Qatar, Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc."

Everyone knows Israel has been chomping at the bit to bomb the shit out of and economically own Iran since the nineties. And not just admitted Zionists; Google search: Project for A New American Century (concocted by bush jr. administration)

With respect to Bush's "Road map", the Israeli-Palestianian "conflict"(genocide) is still very much in effect today as evidenced by the recent break in cease-fire a la bombing-style assassination of the Palestinian diplomat carrying a peace treaty that was to be presented in Israel that day.

As for the weapon sales, yeah we do it all the time to fund illegal activities. For example: Operation Fast and Furious; we sold guns to a Mexican drug cartel so it could corner the drug market in Mexico. It backfired though.

"If Zionists want to punish Arabs, they would simply let them rot under Sharia Law without weapons. Besides, if Zionists can control USA & EU, they can control Arabs and Chinese."

It's not about "punishment" for religious reasons (remember, not every zionist is a jew and not every Jew is a Zionist). Rather, it is for economic and geo-political reasons. They can't just march into countries they would like to own, they need to sell us a reason first! (Weapons of Mass Destruction anyone??)

Rothschild money does control China to a large extent, as the reserve currency of the world is the dollar, China's included. However, this does NOT include countries like Iran who still use their own independent currency. Sanctions imposed by the U.S. and its allies that make dollars hard to come by in Iran are deliberate. The sanctions are intended to weaken Iran's economy, which it has done a pretty good job with.