Comment: Here is a pre-recorded lip-sync quote by R Gibbs, US Press Sec.

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Here is a pre-recorded lip-sync quote by R Gibbs, US Press Sec.

[ Press Briefing by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, 6/1/10]

ROBERT GIBBS, US Press Secretary: I think the American people are frustrated... I don’t see how anybody could look at what’s happening in the Gulf & not be frustrated and heartbroken. Absolutely.

Question: ... any consideration given to the President cancelling his foreign trip?
Q: We can’t hear you... Your mic isn’t on.

GIBBS: My mic’s not on? Q: I don’t think so.
GIBBS: I said all those really important things.Q: Start from the beginning.

GIBBS: Okay, so I was going to tell you tomorrow’s lottery numbers, but (Laughter). Can somebody figure out. Did it work now? Are you sure? This is sort of awkward. This never happens to Bill at karaoke.
Q: And you complain we all ask the same question over & over again.

GIBBS: Exactly right (Laughter). Now there’s at least a good excuse (Applause). First time anybody has ever clapped for what I said. Go ahead, I’m sorry. Yes, exactly... don’t start from the top. Lord knows I’ll -- Bill will lip-sync the transcript when it comes out, so you can -- go ahead, I’m sorry.
Q: ... 'Is there any consideration being given to postponing or canceling the President’s upcoming foreign trip...?'

GIBBS: Let me check on that. I don’t know the answer to that.

[Source: This is actual presidential press secretary briefing. Direct from the White House.]

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