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My opinion exactly

You know, i'm not an american citizen, but i'm VERY concerned about all of the stuff since i learned of Ron Paul, you know the economy, community, family, philosophy, free markets, minds, and speech, anarcho-capitalism etc, all the good stuff i didn't know before. You know, few people actually know about Ron Paul, Austrian Economics, and Liberty where i currently live, so it's kinda hard. And those who know, ignore and distort this intentionally and they know exactly why.
I share those sentiments concerning all the conspiracy controversies.

To make it brief, here are my opinions:

  • There should be no taboos in any discussion AT ALL.
  • Priority should be to not get ourselves divided/distracted/whatever on Liberty by anything
  • Political power for fee people should come out of a healthy discussion
  • You do NOT win over people by just playing along
  • You also HARDLY win over people by aggression, overwhelming them and an "in-your-face" attitude

That's at least the impression i got here in Europe. But maybe we're just not as tough...oh but wait half the US aren't tough anymore either because of all the ignorance, right?
--> WIN THEM OVER WITH LOVE and UNDERSTANDING, with GENTLENESS, the world needs you to act humble NOW.

Thank you my friends,
in liberty, Paul
Peace =)

p.s. by the way i believe 9/11 was most likely an inside job, as was most likely the Sandy Hook shooting. I'm not sure about Aurora. And yes i can write that in Austria and not have the police coming after me ;)