Comment: Was at a party over Christmas

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Was at a party over Christmas

Was at a party over Christmas with a family friend who was a lifelong Libertarian. Politics came up, he voted Gary Johnson, but said he couldn't support Ron Paul anymore because he had associated with too many "crazies."

I can't agree, but I think he speaks for a lot of Americans who are wary of third party politics in general, and this is an image to be careful of. I don't believe most of the theories on here, but I keep coming back even after the election because this community is tuned into events in a way that none of the media are paying attention. Empirically, this is just as good a news site as any other.

A word of caution for the DP: A theory is just that, a possibility to be investigated. If you instinctively believe every anti-establishment message you are just as blind as the MSM. Remember that we are here because we believe in freedom, and thus you trust the natural goodness of man. Be careful how many you are demonizing when these are the same people you would trust with the second amendment, and the country in general. Otherwise, Nystrom said it best. Great post.