Comment: What a dumbass

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What a dumbass

Any evidence that has been brought up in this whole case has been withdrawn or is completely contrary to hard evidence and Jesse the
Ball-dropper gets assigned Sandy hook. He is not that dumb, I've heard him need a win before.

The license on the black Honda

any physical evidence of anything gun, balistic, or gun-shot related

Wayne Carver

School nurse vouching for Mrs Lanza but no one else hearing of her??

Gene Rosen (penis) What were any of the names of the children the bus drive dropped off at his house. A freakin sieve, not a story.

The "Parkers"

The "Sextons" from Florida

Tactical officers run down and arrested , then let go, reportedely from another state.... WHAT? Tell me one other account cops are running away from cops, it doesn't happen. He would have shown his credentials first. This is the real killer hidden in plain sight.

Every tactical officer I've read interviewed states that it would have been impossible for a lightweight like lanza to accomplish anything close to the purported events. 150 lbs of guns and another 100 of ammo. Not possible.

NO VIDEO, and when they finally get done doctoring up some shit frame by frame(if they bother) it will look weak as shit.

Great thing about events like these is that they show who is on whose team. Venture has been outed as a shill.