Comment: I want to see someone ask

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I want to see someone ask

I want to see someone ask Piers Morgan if he is the arbiter of need and then follow up by asking how big his home is and then make him defend why he needs it. Then ask him what he drives and make him defend why he needs it. On and on, one choice after another right down to what temperature he keeps the interior of his home at and what he ate for dinner until he loses it or drops the silly 'need' question.

There is some sort of human tendency to justify choices. Thus control freaks exploit this with their need question. They try to make themselves the arbiters of need which in turn gives them power. What I don't like is seeing the more libertarian minded playing this game and coming up with a need. If Piers Morgan asked 'why do you need to breath?' and someone answered 'to get oxygen to live' he could then come back with something about how the person answering didn't need so much O2 or something. There is no 'right' answer to the need question. The person asking is looking for something to ridicule or otherwise make the person answering look bad.

A gun is an object. It is property. There is no justification needed for an AR-15 or any other piece of property rightfully obtained through trade or by one's own manufacture. I would like to see people challenge these questions. Even if the answer is 'I wanted it'. It's time to stop playing their 'need' game. Need is subjective and all they have to do is get a majority manipulated into thinking a need is invalid. Don't argue it.

Plus anywhere it is done successfully becomes precedent for doing it with other things. Oh they get to determine what sort of firearm we 'need'. Well next they'll decide what car we 'need'. Then what food we 'need'... on and on until they control everything. They are looking for social power by framing the argument in terms of need.