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Yeah it is the original

Yeah it is the original Makerbot Cupcake. Now Makerbot sells the Replicator (about $2000) and it comes pre-assembled.

I went to a 3D printing expo last week and demoed my printer. There are tons of bots available.

Here is the Lulzbot:
And Makerbot:
And the UP 3D printer:

There are tons of them available and most of the consumer products are around 1000-2000 bucks

The Makerbot that I have can now be picked up on Ebay for around $600.. but I would recommend others over the one I have.

The Lulzbot has the largest platform I have seen, measuring 1ft, by 1ft, by 1ft.

My print platform is 100mm squared.

And regarding the build.. I put every single screw together, soldered many of the boards, came up with some of my own hacks and spent several hundred dollars on upgraded parts -- after I had built the original components. Even today, the bot looks different than the video that I posted above. I've got about 2 years and about 300 hours into it.

Best part of the story....

I got the $1200 bot, plus $400 in upgrades, plus a paycheck of $1200... and the guy who bought it and paid me to build it for him decided he didn't want it and I've had it ever since.