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There is a Sandy Hook bay to

There is a Sandy Hook bay to the south of New York. Though im not certain why that would appear on a map of Gotham City?

That Sandy Hook appears twice in the batman movie, and the author of Hunger Games lives in Newtown seems odd to me. Im not calling these smoking guns, though I have my suspicions. Add a secret meeting between Eric Holder (a known conspirator and criminal) and the first responders, and id say Jesse should probably look a bit deeper into this one. He's right, they aren't all false flags... but some are.

If you want to know why a group of globalists would put such things, forcasting future crimes into their schemes, I suppose the easiest way to answer that would be to point out the various occult crap these guys are into. Have you've ever seen the Bohemian Grove ceremony where some of the world's most powerful elites go to? What they are watching is a drywish ceremony where a baby is sacrificed to one of the gods of destruction. aaaand its an owl. Just like the one hiding on your $1 bill. I suppose one must come to the conclusion that some of these guys are into some pretty weird shit. Im sure most of them roll their eyes at the "ritual" nonsense, but like every other society, I imagine they have their priests who take it seriously.

I have little doubt that there are psychopaths at the top who are into sadism and strange occult ritual. We "know" this stuff goes on. Its not unusual for a serial killer or other sort of psychopath to leave calling cards at the scenes of his crimes. It probably gives them a sense of ritual to do so.

Or put it like this. Imagine if Ted Bundy and some of the other famous serial killers had figured to supress their immediate desires, and instead sought to satiate them by becoming powerful figures within the power strutures of the banking empire. What if that system encouraged men with such desires because it they all have an innate desire to destroy the rule of law and foister an age where they can do as they please and their serfs are powerless to stop them? What if those at the very top like surrounding themselves with useful idiots who are "easily" controlled via blackmail because of their various sadistic and perverse hobbies? Cross the boss, guess what pictures and videos are going to be all over the mass media staring you and your victims?

Some people think that greed accounts for the systematic destruction of our rights and persuit of a monolythic collectivist ologarchy were Lords rule peasants. I am not one of those people. These guys know what they want, and they know how to get there. False flags are a tool used all the time.