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I guess you're not familiar...

...with ascetic Christian sects such as the Stylites and various hermit predecessors. That was just an extreme version of acting out the self-loathing, that popped into mind.

Yes, Christians believe we are born into a fallen world which is a corrupted version of its original form, and that the effects of this corruption are like a cancerous blight on all creation. Do you know anyone who has never lied, cheated or done anything wrong they had to apologize for? Nobody's perfect. That doesn't mean we're supposed to hate ourselves; it just means we need to look to our Creator to transform us into the people we know we want to be, realizing that we can't do it on our own.

Yes, the fallen world is still here; the chain reactions of evil still mar creation and all of our lives. But these are just the birth pangs. All will be reconciled to God through Christ, because of His patience, mercy and love. All shall be well.