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Why, because there are more

Why, because there are more questions than answers? I think the people, especially the people of Newtown, CT, have a right to know all the details to this incident and deserve some closure. If there were multiple shooters, then the people have a right to know. It's law enforcements' fault for leading these people on. They didn't address the man arrested in the woods. They even said there were no other arrests in the case, when even the parents and kids witnessed a man in hand cuffs. They're not telling the truth about something. Maybe they're even trying to cover-up their incompetence and/or the districts' incompetence, who knows; but they're not telling the people the truth. Why won't they answer any of these questions? Sandy Hook had just had a new security system in place, with what was supposed to be bullet-proof glass. How did the shooter gain access to the school? There are still too many unanswered questions. It's rather quick to be labeling people quacks for simply asking legitimate questions. The people deserve to know the failures of this incident, so as to know what should be corrected to prevent any future incidents.