Comment: The gov doing sloppy work is

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The gov doing sloppy work is

The gov doing sloppy work is hardly evidence that their finger prints aren't all over something.

Ive noticed that false flags don't have to be convincing. Most of the sheep out there don't require proof to believe what they are told. They believe it because it was on the TV.

The government doesn't have to care what the "crazy conspiracy theorists" think, because they've branded anyone who questions the government so effectivly, that the sheep are NEVER going to listen to them.

Logically... if those who actually like to get evidence are a non-factor to public perception, and the sheep are incapable of criticle thinking... then why on earth would a government need to avoid inconsistancies or provide evidence? They don't. All they have to do is present a narritive, and attack anyone who questions as a conpiracy nut. The sheep will swollow it lock, stock and barrel. Even some of the people on here who should know better will.

I understand that talking about these things are not good for politics or converting people to libertarianism. I never talk conspiracies with anyone who isn't already a part of the movement. However you are an utter and absolute idiot if you don't question government whole heartedly at this point.

As someone else said here; Governments are guilty until prooven inncocent. Oddly, governments are never interested in providing proof.

You hear people all the time saying: "They could never get away with that, because someone would come forward. No way that hundreds of people are going to keep a secret like that. You're a conspiracy theorist."

Reality check. People "DO" come forward. In droves. There are over 300 first responder police and firemen who dispute the official 911 story and want an independant investigation done. However they are all labeled as "conspiracy nuts" and ignored by the sheep. 300 cops and firefighters, dismissed because the NEWS says they are conpiracy theorists. Consider the incredable power of the mass media.