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Comment: HAHA! Yeah, I've contemplated that one myself.

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HAHA! Yeah, I've contemplated that one myself.

Which is why I think it is okay for Government to offer the service of setting a standard (under Article 1 § 8 they have the power to set weights and measures) and to possibly mint some early examples under this standard, but I want to see the power to coin money extended to the States and to the People especially.

Maybe simply repealing the coining power and leaving and then exercising the standards power is enough. Likely so.

If I had the means, I'd start minting this stuff now and circulate it as bullion, then press some Congressmen and Senators to "make it so."

This is also another argument in favor of the gram system. Congress would have a hard time pulling that one out of hat once the entire world is using gram based coinage with no monetary unit. If you have private mints in the mix, more than likely, government can give up the money power entirely. (the safest bet really)

Excellent point though. In fact, I think it seals the deal in my mind about the efficacy of granting Congress the money power at all. I wouldn't. You just can't trust the bastards.