Comment: To Help Mark Willis

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To Help Mark Willis

Contact or his facebook site Mark Willis for RNC Chair.

And to those who think we can work with the establishment to get Rand Paul elected, you are very seriously delusional. They already have the nominee picked as we speak and they are using us to get him elected. Rand will never be the nominee under someone like Reince Priebus ~ period. Rand will be second in the race and they will try to use us for thier pick (Rubio/Jeb/Christie). Doug Wead, Jack Hunter, Benton if you follow them you are idiots.

You must contact A.J. Spiker and ask him to put his support behind Mark Willis for Chair. Mark's 8 point plan is great. If you truly want Liberty candidates to get money from the RNC then that is your best hope. He is an awesome speaker and a true Statesman for the Liberty movement and he knows how to work with other Conservative/Constitution factions of our party.

Reince will shut us out once he has power again we need to let Mark give his pitch at the RNC Winter Meeting and let the chips fall out for LIBERTY.

Wead, Benton, Hunter et. al. are still running the show for Rand. Give Mark Willis 6 months and all of those Donors will love him for his honesty, statesmanship and vision for the party.