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If we're gonna keep talking hypocrisy, the President says he's a Christian, then abortion, gay marriage, the Executive's ALL open for discussion...and EVERY LAST defender of Obama(especially the Republicans in my wealthy county of Illinois that voted for him) need to be challenged...."are you with the Judge, the American
Republic, our former moral way of life full of virtues; or, do you LIE too, say you're for your OWN children, when you vote for saving your own ass by means of perpetually voting for fascism and the subsidy of your career on the backs of the taxpayers and your own grandchildren as taxpayers?

Seriously, we have to ratchet up the outrage over self-serving hypocrisy and voting for SELF.....we should be able to gain credibility on hating cronyism at this level where KILLING anyone is no longer frowned upon because each human life is only seen as an economic burden, an accounting problem on a balance sheet, or a THREAT to an ideology of Marxist God-hating philosophy!!!

See if this 10 minute commentary resonates towards the utter disconnect and indifference we have towards the blatant day-to-day hypocrisy and anti-family crap ALL these politicians are complicit in with their LUNACY, coupled with their arrogance to believe we don't know, don't understand, aren't watching, and are NO LONGER going to stand for it!!!