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I don't know where you're getting the idea that my God is

entirely in line with my sentiments. If my sentiments and/or standards don't line up with God's sentiments and standards as laid out in the Bible, my sentiments and standards are wrong and need changing. I don't attempt to mould God into what I want Him to be in order to justify my own opinions. If my opinions and sentiments were good enough, or if the opinions and sentiments of people in general were good enough for them, God wouldn't have needed to communicate His standards to mankind through the Old and New Testaments. It would be impossible for me to conform my God to my sentiments unless I naturally, from birth, without reading the Bible happen to have had the exact same standards as the Bible.

As far as Jesus' sermon on the mount in relation to the laws that God gave Moses: Jesus happened to have been asked about something similar to that by people trying to trick Him into speaking against the Law of Moses.

The same principle applies to the eye-for-an-eye law or warfare for that matter. God did not hold the Israelites to the same standard He did as when Jesus was on earth. When Jesus came to earth, the Israelites were able to see for the first time what true, perfect, godly behavior was firsthand. That's precisely why Jesus said He didn't come to abolish the Law, but, to fulfill it.