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Hypocrit phony.

"You are pathetic and have absolutely no substance, just insults."

No, I have substance that you Anarchists need to close your eyes to while insulting people and hitting that little down vote.

Didn't you just try to compare him to Piers Morgan because he can see through your garbage, and since you can't comment of substance, all you did was insult him?

You are a fraud, a hypocrite and a liar, and yes, those are insults, and you are why insults exist. There needs to be a object basis in reality for insults, and every insult I've ever heard directed at an Anarchist serves the truth.

"I am not lying or committing fraud, I'm explaining my point of view"

No you are insulting people while running you hypocrite Anarchist ass/mouth. I'm not a hypocrite. I know why I'm insulting Anarchists, and I can explain why you deserve to be insulted, that substance you close your eyes to.