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I believe the cost would be roughly 5 cents per mailing. A 4-page newsletter. I was considering taking my posts from the Daily Paul and condensing them into a newsletter... and hitting every home in one county... just as an experiment.

5 cents x say... $100,000 = $5,000

Could you get a sheriff recalled for that? Since sheriff recalls are 25% of the previous vote cycle I would say it's almost a guaranteed recall election. In your newsletter of course you are promoting your constitutional candidate... provide information on networking with neighbors... maybe visit them and see if they have seen their copies yet? Have you heard of this guy? Seen this news? This kind of coordination in say... the last two weeks of an election cycle? Get on the ballot at the last possible minute?

Sneak attack? - A two week blitzkrieg that starts with an initial $5,000 investment.. gather their email addresses as well. Have meetings every day of that two weeks... dunno what do you think?