Comment: Yes, but is it authentic twinkling?

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Yes, but is it authentic twinkling?

We even have Reince Preibus(?) jumping on the bandwagon. Their GOP is a sinking ship & they're just now realizing it. The question is; Have they started to wake up, or are they just trying to save their careers?

Out of all the msm fluff out there, I at least like Neil Cavuto for the respect he showed Dr. Paul throughout the campaign and afterwards. As far as I know, he was one of the few that didn't mock him and sincerely respected him, as the sincerity of respect shows during an interview. Can't say the same about many others. Rachel Maddow was another I remember that showed respect, regardless of agenda. Lastly, I will always be grateful to Lawrence O'Donnell for this:

and Jack Cafferty for this:

There were a couple of others that had good things to say about him; Joe Scarborough comes to mind.

I will always welcome people with open arms, but only if their hearts are true, and don't bring hidden personal agendas.