Comment: They're just Anarchists who want to destroy government

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They're just Anarchists who want to destroy government

"right-anarchists, aka anarcho-capitalists"

Ancaps are just Anarchists who want to destroy government, and know that they aren't welcome. She's being honest, something an Anarchist can't be. You aren't welcome. Anarchists know that they aren't welcome and need to hide behind some other euphemism whether it's "Libertarian", or "Anarcho-garbage-of-the-week".

Murray Rothbard is an Anarchist, and you eat boogers out of his nose, and the Mises institute uses people to serve that agenda.

Lew Rockwell, founder and chairman or the Mises institute, and executor of Murray Rothbard's estate: "It would be a great thing to break up the US"

What is Lew Rockwell's and the Mises Institutes agenda? to destroy the American government?

Screw Lew Rockwell, Murray Rothbard, Tom Woods, the Mises institute, and all of you Anarchists masquerading as advocates for liberty. You are WORTHLESS to liberty, and advocates for a free market of violence serving principle of self interest where those who can buy the most muscle rule through the principle that might makes right. So please, stop talking about voluntarism and liberty. You want to buy violence and use it to serve your agenda. You are phonies and liars.

Wanna try and make that case Ron Paul is an Anarchist too? Come on, DO IT!!! Complete your work and turn Ron Paul into a joke who is rightly shunned and unwelcome along with all you foul mouthed Anarchists.

Tell me. Is Ron Paul a phony and a fraud who's been misrepresenting those who voted for him and trying to destroy the government?