Comment: Why do I have to read through

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Why do I have to read through

Why do I have to read through articles where Anarchists talk about their frustration...

False. You DON'T have to.

Why does this forum even exist if it's goal seems to be to organize attacks on the government endorsing criminality?

You're very boisterous, but in all of your posts, you speak in empty platitudes and generalisms. Endorsing criminality? Where? What crime? Who's organizing attacks? Be specific, or retract and STFU.

So now supporting liberty means you need to be an Anarchist who's trying to destroy government.

Says who? Be specific. Your generalized anti-anarchy trolling is vacuous, and embarrassingly so. Moreover, by leveling these (empty, ill-defined) charges against anarchists, you must necessarily be advocating government in its current size and form, or even growing government. Otherwise, if you seek any cuts at all to government, by definition, you also seek to destroy it. There is only a difference in the degree of destruction sought.

Here is my motto: "Freedom, liberty, and their common defense"

I thought it was "It's a justice thing"? Well, one platitude is as good as the next, I suppose.

An Anarchist and I share nothing in common because they won't defend liberty, and won't offer anything to that purpose. They want to be sovereigns in a free market of violence serving their self interest.

More generalizing? Shocker!

You're this board's version of Mitt Romney: "I love the liberty I love, for the freedom and liberty I defend, that is provided by the liberty and freedom that gives us the freedom to defend it. God bless freedom, and the common defense of liberty that freedom liberates us to pursue.


That's the short version of your existence here at DP.