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Who do these public servants think they are? They never had any authority. They were just supposed to take out the trash for us. That's it, plus any other monotonous chores we the people didn't feel like doing ourselves. The federal government has no business discussing jobs.

If you want a retirement plan and a stimulus in one shot... how about 2k - no forms, business plans or outlines desired just a brief letter articulating what it is you want to do - start a business.

If you fail at that: 5k to try another business.

Lastly 10k if you have two strikes against you the "govt" will gamble $10,000 more one last time on you before it's forced to admit that you're destined to ONLY ever have a job.

Main point here is if you're going to "stimulate the economy" do it THROUGH THE PEOPLE not by giving some kick back welfare check to some corporation. All money spent by government should go through one of the people first... if it MUST be spent (which it wouldn't have to be for long with this method of starting lots of businesses which create jobs)

Of course for that $12k max you can work off your debt to the rest of the county by support of community projects. Right now they pay county officials $15/hr avg around here. That's INSANE? Why are we not paying them MINIMUM WAGE PLUS TIPS? THEY ARE SERVANTS AREN'T THEY? Shouldn't they be working for the tip?

That would be a good middle of the road plan between the "haves" and the "have nots" where we get em off welfare and food stamps and give em some cash and no regulations or licenses required to get started.

No war on drugs (hot button issue) and freedom to earn income between adult buyers and sellers. Harm as always would get prosecuted if done unwillingly and not by some crazy decree of the state. One of the people has got to have complained.